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Textile Cover

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Textile cover in the Canary Islands. Solution that combines aesthetics, speed in assembly and disassembly and cost savings. At MOÑITA CANARY we are experts in Textile Covering.

Experts in textile cover in the Canary Islands

Textile covers are increasingly used in different sectors. They can be made with simple gable or shed roofs and vertical closure on the sides and rear. Creative covers can also be designed for distinguished events and special presentations.

At MOÑITA CANARY, we also offer another type of cover that is used on the roof and perimeter enclosure. They are covers designed to be easily assembled and taken down with little effort, as they tend to be taken down frequently. They are usually made in pieces that are easily handled and not very big, which are connected using tight closures and flaps.

Textile Cover in the Canary Islands for:

Scenarios: We take care of the manufacture and installation of tailored tarpaulins, which totally or partially cover large surfaces and scenarios of all kinds. We manufacture tarps for: Roofs and sides of large spaces, Decorative structures, Temporary or permanent structures.

Sports facilities: By means of the textile cover, compared to the construction one, the visual and structural lightness is gained, with savings in costs and execution time. It can be combined with tensile structures, or use conventional tensioning and fixing systems. They can be permanent, temporary, removable or retractable. They are very useful to cover stands of sports facilities and courts.

Textile Covers for construction: We manufacture and supply textile materials for construction, with a wide variety of colors and weights in plasticized canvas with high mechanical resistance to atmospheric and chemical agents. They are quick-installation, lightweight and easily transportable tarps.

Attractions and shows: We make from covers for fairground attractions and theme parks, to covers for bullrings.