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Quality Policy and Certifications

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Quality Policy and Certifications

At MOÑITA we are experts in manufacturing marqueesvertical awningstarpaulins for industrial use and textile architecture.

  • Quality politics
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certification
  • Member of the Spanish Association of Tentsand Temporary Installations (ASPEC) and the European Network of Business Associations of Tents and Temporary Structures
  • Certificate awarded by DEVECEM (Accredited Verification Bureau), authorised by the Ministry of the Interior, which accredits that our marqueesfor hire have been inspected, tested and approved, complying with UNE EN 13782 and UNE EN 15619.
  • Certificates of Quality and Safe Company, Accredited Manufacturer, Supplier and Installer, awarded by DEVECEM
  • All our marqueeshave a Quality Certificate, Expert Report and pass the relevant periodic checks that accredit that our products meet the requirements of Standard UNE EN 13782 on Mechanical Stability and Fire Performance (flame-retardant tarpaulins).
  • Before being sold, the marquees, receive the Project Approval from the Professional Association of Architects, along with a Structural Strength Report issued by the Association of Engineers, which certifies compliance with the European Standard UNE EN 13782 on marqueesby S. Moñita Pulido, S.A.U.
  • We design the textile architectureand several industrial production works in accordance with the Technical Building Code [CTE in Spanish]. Upon the request of the client, we can obtain the Project Approval from the Professional Association of Architects.

Our certifications and approvals

The staff at MOÑITA also complies with all relevant legal requirements:

  • Subcontractor Certification.
  • Accident Insurance (Mutua Asepeyo).
  • Certificate of contributions.
  • Accident Insurance by Agreement (Aseq).
  • Civil Liability Insurance of €3,000,000 (Generali Seguros).
  • Agreement on preventive activity to guarantee the health and safety of employees (Mapfre – Safety at Work, Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics and Applied Psychosociology – and Asepeyo – Health Monitoring, in which Risk Assessment, PPE Control, ORP Training, and periodic medical examinations are carried out).
  • Registered in the REA (Certificate of registration in the Register of Accredited Companies in the Construction Sector).
  • Certificates in ORP Training in our sector (Installation of awningsand marquees, Work at heights, Platform Operator, Forklift Operator, etc.). As well as those required by Construction Sector Agreement (ORP Construction Sector 20h and ORP Construction 80h – Preventive Resource).