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Textile Architecture

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Textile Architecture

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Textile Architecture

We design, manufacture and install elements of Textile Architecture in the Canary Islands. The result is spectacular, resistant and very durable elements. The advantages of these systems are: Resistance and Flexibility, Transmission of natural light, Quick Manufacturing and Installation, Avant-garde Design.

Some of Our Assemblies


Experts in textile architecture

We are experts in designing and implementing textile architecture projects to fit your budget. We try to offer you value for money, which is why we seek to offer the best option to meet your expectations in every respect.

Textile architecture can be made using tensile or pneumatic techniques, with a variety of uses and endless type of textiles. At MOÑITA we make these structures using polyester tarpaulins coated with PVC-PVDF, with silicone or ETFE coated fibreglass, and micro-perforated and impermeable textiles.

Place your trust in our expertise, just like thousands of other customers have done, who are ultimately satisfied with our service.

Our company offers the following textile architecture products to our clients:

  • Textile facade: a way to combine aesthetics with energy savings, in turn obtaining climatic comfort and protection using different types of fabric.
  • Textile cover: the most suitable aesthetic solution if efficiency in assembly and disassembly is sought. They also have the added bonus of cutting costs.

We make tensile structures, tensile shade sails and triangle sun shades in a range of different shapes, including:

  • Tulip umbrellas.
  • Hyperbolic parabola.
  • Parallel valleys.

Any other shape that can be made by the tensile membrane.

Advantages of textile architecture

Textile architecture can fulfil the same functions as a conventional building, with several advantages:

  • Individual weightless than 1 kg/m2, along with the resistance and flexibility of the material, allowing for extraordinarily lightweight full covers, without in-between ropes.
  • The light transfer coefficient, which takes advantage of the natural light without resorting to glass.
  • The quick speed at which it is manufactured and installed.The materials can be disassembled and re-used.
  • The aesthetic image, which perfectly fits the project.