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Manufacturing of Marquees

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Manufacturing of Marquees

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At MOÑITA CANARY we are experts in the manufacture of Marquees in the Canary Islands. We are dedicated to the manufacture of TECTUM® Marquees and we market our products at the best price.

Experts in the manufacture of Marquees in the Canary Islands

At MOÑITA we have been working as manufacturers of marquees since 1941. We offer a quality service with top professionalism. Our company is 100% Spanish and, current management included, there have been three generations in charge of the company. To offer our service we work with highly skilled suppliers with vast experience in this sector.

We use the manpower, machinery, tools and materials needed to manufacture TECTUM® marquees and produce tarpaulins. We also have warehouses for storing materials used for hire marquees and assembly equipment in general.

TECTUM® marquees and Bedouin tents help create or expand spaces in a fast and cost-effective way, without the need to request permits, since they are not regarded as civil engineering works (they do not count as buildings, but instead collapsible vessels), and securing results with top aesthetic and functional quality.

Advantages of marquees and Bedouin tents

The advantages of marquees include:

  • The speed and simplicity of their assembly and disassembly.
  • Easy to move and store.
  • Can be adapted to meet any client needs.

Check out the range of services we offer at MOÑITA CANARY as a manufacturer of marquees. Call us.