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Manufacturing of tarpaulins for swimming pools

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Manufacturing of tarpaulins for swimming pools

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Tarpaulins for swimming pools to meet your needs

With our products you will save on water and money. At MOÑITA we have tarpaulins for swimming pools designed for both winter and summer.

Swimming pool tarpaulins for the summer

The tarpaulins we manufacture at MOÑITA are made with a layer of polyethylene with micro air chambers, which are used to cover swimming pools at night, providing thermal insulation so that the water does not lose the temperature reached during hours of sunlight.

Particularly suitable for mountainous regions or areas where the temperature at night is significantly lower than that during the day.

Swimming pool tarpaulins for the winter

At MOÑITA we industrially produce high-resistance PVC tarpaulins for covering swimming pools in the winter or during periods in which they are not in use, carrying out a dual function;

  • Protection (dirt and weather conditions).
  • Safety (a well tensioned and anchored tarpaulin acts as a good barrier against accidental falls).

Custom tarpaulins for swimming pools

At MOÑITA we also manufacture and install custom tarpaulins to fit the size and shape of your swimming pool. We also offer a repair, assembly, disassembly and temporary storage service to our clients.

Advantages of tarpaulins for swimming pools

Some of the advantages of covering your swimming pool are the following:

  • Tarpaulins prevent the water from evaporating, which leads to water savings
  • Reduces the use of extra products for purification, as water contamination is minimised due to being covered.
  • If the swimming pool is heated, covering it leads to the benefit of retaining its heat so that it is completely ready for use when required.
  • The pool will stay cleaner and look better. It will be free from sticks, leaves or other objects that can fall into it.
  • Tarpaulins for swimming pools also function as a safety element if there are children around.

Don’t forget that we also offer a tarpaulin hire service. For more information about our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch; we will be delighted to help.